What to Expect at Your Child’s Dental Visit

During your child’s dental visit, we will provide a teeth cleaning and complete dental exam where we look for any signs of cavities/decay and make sure their teeth are developing properly. We will also take any due X-rays, and apply fluoride and dental sealants if necessary.

In addition to the routine check-up, our team can give you tips on how to handle oral habits like thumb sucking, discuss our recommendations for an at-home oral health care routine, and perform an orthodontic evaluation.

All ages are welcome at our practice, and you can rest assured that we will tailor the dental care to your child’s specific needs.

We also offer sports mouthguards for young athletes, to help protect their smile and wellbeing.

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Kids visiting the dentist in West Seneca, NY

What to Do if Your Child is Afraid of the Dentist

We get it. The dentist office can seem like a scary place to some children, but at McKinley Crossing Dental, we do everything we can to show kids that there is nothing to worry about. Here are some suggestions if your little one is a little wary about the dentist.

  • Be a Positive Example — Sometimes a child might not even be afraid of the dentist until their parent starts showing their own fear and anxiety. Be careful not to pass on any negative feelings you might have and avoid talking about pain or discomfort. You can also bring your child with you to your own dentist visit to show them how there’s nothing to be scared of.
  • Practice at Home — Before you bring your kid to the dentist, you can walk them through what to expect and how a dental appointment works. Then when they come in for the real thing, it’ll be a piece of cake!
  • Meet Dentist in Advance — Our dentists are happy to meet your child before their appointment so they can get to know us and become familiar with our office. That way it won’t seem like a strange place when they need to get their teeth cleaned.
  • Bring Their Favorite Toy or Stuffed Animal — Your child might feel more comfortable in the dental chair with their special stuffed toy by their side. We also have toys and blankets available.
  • Join Them in the Treatment Room — Parents are more than welcome to join their child in the treatment room. You’ll be able to sit with your kid and help talk them through the appointment.
  • Please visit our page on dental anxiety to learn more!
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