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Should My Kids Use a Mouthguard for Sports?

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At McKinley Crossing Dental, we provide quality dental care for the whole family. Often, this care extends beyond simply treating patients in our office during a six-month checkup – we want to provide our patients with the knowledge and tools they can use to protect their teeth every day, no matter where they are.

Protection During Sports

For families with active kids (and active adults!) who play sports, one of the most important ways to protect your children’s teeth is to make sure they use a mouthguard. Although mouthguard use is becoming more and more common, it still has a long way to go. Today, we want to talk about why mouthguards are so important to prevent injury to the mouth and jaw for those participating in contact sports, such as football, lacrosse, hockey, rugby, and boxing, and even sports with less physical contact and collisions, like soccer, basketball, gymnastics, and skateboarding.

What Are the Benefits of a Mouthguard?

According to the American Dental Association, one third of dental injuries are sports-related and many can be prevented by using a mouthguard. Not only do mouthguards protect against chipping or cracking teeth, they also help cushion impacts to the jaw. This can help avoid concussion and other serious injuries.

What Kind of Mouthguard Should I Buy?

While you can buy a boil-and-bite mouthguard at just about any sporting-goods store, our office offers custom-made mouthguards that provide maximum comfort and optimal protection for your child’s mouth. Fit is the most important factor in a protective mouthguard, and our qualified team will ensure that your child’s mouthguard is a perfect one!

What If My Child Doesn’t Want to Wear a Mouthguard?

In the beginning, you child may be reluctant to wear a mouthguard. Be sure to explain to them that the mouthguard will keep their teeth and mouth safe. If you play contact and collision sports too, wear a mouthguard to show your child how important you think it is. It may also help to show them pictures of their favorite athletes wearing a mouthguard as an additional example. In many cases, we can make a mouthguard that matches your child’s team colors to help them get excited about wearing one.

How Much Does a Custom Mouthguard Cost?

The cost of a custom-fitted athletic mouthguard varies, but our office will work with you to fit a safe and protected smile for your child into your family’s budget. To ask our team about our payment options or to schedule a mouthguard consultation for you or your child, contact us today!

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