Professional Teeth Whitening in South Buffalo and The Southtowns

Is your lackluster smile keeping you from showing off a big grin when someone gets out a camera? If you want to get a luminous smile that you feel confident in showing off, our professional teeth whitening services in the Hamburg, West Seneca, and Orchard Park area can help.

We offer a variety of whitening options, so no matter your needs or budget, we have something for you.

Teeth whitening - before and after example

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Got an hour to spare? Then you can get a whiter smile with our one-visit teeth whitening option. With one of the best methods of teeth whitening, we can brighten up your smile by up to eight shades in only about an hour in the dental chair! We use a powerful whitening gel that gives great results with less tooth sensitivity than over-the-counter options.

When we’re done, you’ll leave our office with a beautifully white smile.
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Take-Home Whitening Trays

For a more convenient whitening option, we offer our patients a take-home whitening kit. It provides similar results to our in-office whitening – a change of up to eight shades – but is easier on both your schedule and wallet.

One-Size Trays

Better than over-the-counter kits, our one-size trays are an affordable and effective whitening option. Along with your trays, we send you home with powerful whitening gel. Wear the trays and gel on our recommended schedule to get stunning results fast.

Custom Trays

Our custom teeth whitening trays provide a tailored fit for more personalized results. To create your kit, we bring you in to take impressions of your teeth. We send these off to a lab to have your whitening trays created. Because they’re made from the impressions, the trays fit snugly against your teeth. We create a treatment schedule based on your unique needs and send you home with your trays and professional-strength whitening gel. Your smile will go from dull to dazzling in no time at all.

Cost of Teeth Whitening

Our various teeth whitening options ensure that all of our patients, no matter their budget, have the ability to get a beautiful smile and boost their confidence. We also have numerous financial options that can help with the cost of teeth whitening. The McKinley Crossing in-house savings plan provides a 25% discount on many services, including cosmetic treatments. CareCredit® is kind of like a credit card for healthcare expenses, and you can choose from low and no-interest payment plans.

Give our Hamburg, West Seneca, and Orchard Park area office a call so we can help you decide what’s right for you!
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