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How Can I Prevent Oral Cancer?

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At McKinley Crossing Dental, we want to educate our patients on practicing good preventive care. We all know that good oral hygiene can prevent or reduce the risk of many dental issues, including oral cancer. Oral cancer is a serious condition that can be life-threatening. It develops in either the mouth or the throat but can often be treated if detected early on. Oral cancer is also highly preventable, in most cases. Today, we want to share some ways our patients can reduce their risk for developing oral cancer.

1. Don’t Use Tobacco

Tobacco is one of the primary causes of oral cancer. If you are currently a tobacco user, quitting now can reduce your risk for developing oral cancer.

2. Protect Yourself

Always wear sunscreen to protect your skin, no matter the season. Your lips can sunburn too, so protect them with a chapstick or lip balm that has an SPF of at least 30.

3. Moderate Alcohol

Just like tobacco use, alcohol use can increase your risk for developing oral cancer. According to the National Institute of Health, those who have more than 3.5 alcoholic drinks per day increase their risk of developing oral cancer by 2 or 3 times.

4. Visit Our Office Regularly

In addition to brushing your teeth twice daily for two minutes each time and flossing every day, you should visit our office regularly for cleanings and exams. This way, Dr. Clauser and our team can keep an eye on the health of your mouth and monitor for any changes. If you notice anything unusual like sores that don’t heal, numbness, lumps, or similar changes in your mouth, call us immediately. These may be warning signs for oral cancer.

To ask our team any questions about preventing oral cancer or to schedule your next visit with our office, call us today!

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